Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More pictures

Okay, so it's not really "more pictures" it's two more pictures.
I went to visit my grand-daughter and my great-grandson and forgot the camera. I was wanting to take a picture of Jayce with his new blanket - but forgetting the camera puts a damper on that idea. My daughter-in-law said she baby-sat one day and took about 124 pictures. I asked her to send me one.

So I went outside last night after finishing the little owl I made using some white wool at $42. per metre and the ribbon embroidery off of a hankie. I purchased a kit and it only took me a few hours to do the embroidery but then I had no idea what to do with the hankie. The owl said she wanted it for her apron so there ya go eh. I noticed after I got her sewed together that her one eye is a little higher than the other and her beak is a bit tipsy. Maybe she was into the hummingbird feeder and got too much sugar - fermented? This little owl tipsy and all is about six inches tall.

Back to the outside story. I was sitting in the garden with a couple of ladies from the apartment building and looked up into the pine tree. There were things on that tree that I'd never seen before. Well, I don't really look up that much unless I'm sitting staring off at the clouds or lying on the sofa looking out at the maples dancing in the windstorm - when we have one. Anyway I saw those seeds and pods and the ladies pointed out a few on the ground. They were kind of sticky when I picked them up like they had little hooks on them. I put a few in a little box to take to my friend Kathi Kuti who makes miniatures. I thought she might use them for her doll hats. I took a picture of these little things that I thought would make a hat - but forgot to put something beside them to show their comparison size.  Anyway there they are in all their glory.
imagine that the largest one is about the size of  a kidney bean. Too small for me to use as a hat for any doll that I make.

So now I'm signing off to go and do some writing - the Proprioceptive Writing that I've talked about before. 
You have a good one. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

A New Day


Good Morning.
It's been a while since I've posted and it seems it's been a while since I've typed because I made three typing mistakes in the first five words.

I've taken pictures and they sat on my camera until this morning when I uploaded them.This is a picture that I took in early April.
After all the warm weather in March we had a wonderful surprise. Of course there was a lot of complaining from the apartment dwellers.

 Then there were the pictures of the tulip buds then the tulips in progress and then the full blown beauties.

I've had a divil of a time trying to get these beauties in order so I'll leave it alone. 

I also took a picture of a stuffed owl I made from a free pattern on Lollychops and here he is. He is sitting among my treasures on the wonderful pink shelf that my friend Deb gave me. Some of the treasures are gifts like the two horses, and the gnome I made stands and watches all the goings on on that shelf.

Now I know why I don't post a lot. I still haven't figured out how to work the technology Good thing I don't do Facebook or Twitter I'd never get to post anything.

I'm off now to finish another owl with a different pattern.
Our little doll group that meets in Guelph and Fergus area met today to show off owls and owl patterns they'd made or found. I couldn't go because I made myself  too exhausted from doing too much again. So, I'll stay home, do laundry and make an owl. Never mind the other figure I should be making with another class.