Monday, April 1, 2013

Rainbow Woman

Good morning. It's been a busy day already and it's only 10:00 am or thereabouts. I was awake at 4:30 again and the idea to get up and get back to work was waylaid by a desire to just stay in bed and read.
I finished the doll I was working on and I named her Rainbow Woman. She was for my grand-daughter Lindsay's birthday last weekend. I didn't deliver her till the day after her birthday and she was well received.

She is called Rainbow Woman because she has a dress of many colours - flowers of many colours but they are all related you know. Flowers of many colours and rainbows. I couldn't find the beads that I needed for her cape so I ended up using crystals that I had to glue on. Oh, the horrors. I know that some miniature artists use glue but as a figurative artist I've always made my figures and wall-hangings by hand. Kind of following Salley Mavor's idea that the sewing machine is for other things.

I believe right now that Rainbow Woman will be the last doll I will make of this kind. I'm seeing my art take another turn and these dolls are so time consuming.

There is no place to photograph the dolls in my apartment right now so I choose to use the sun room down the hall and I have to use the window sill to stand the dolls on. Here is Rainbow Woman dancing in the sunlight.

I chose a dark green silk for her cape and her crown and that is basically where I glued on the crystals. I added crystals to the blue ribbon which is a close match to the blue of the dress. I've placed the ribbons on the bottoms of the dress and the underskirt and added beads to them as well. The dark green of the cape and crown is the colour green in the dress material and they are both lined with the same flowered material.

Here below is a close up side view and you can see the rainbow colours of the crystals. 

Now it is time to move on and finish the wall hanging before the art show that I want to enter. It is a huge wall-hanging compared to others I've made and I choose to believe that I will now try to work smaller. Thanks for being here. Have a good one