Thursday, March 7, 2013

St Kateri

A few weeks ago I posted that my "nun" doll or St Katerie was finished except for the shoes and that she was keeping my auntie company. I would not get the doll and photograph her until I could do so.
My wonderful auntie passed away on February 14th while her sister Aunt Eva, and my two sisters ElizaBeth and Shirley were singing "Amazing Grace". That was one of aunty's favourite hymns. I keep telling myself she went to be with Uncle Jesse on Valentines Day and I'm glad for her.
St Kateri, was canonized or made into a Saint in October of the past year. As you will see, if you go to the link to Wikipedia she is known as Lily of the Mohawks.
Auntie was 94 years old and she was a school teacher. She has a paper somewhere that lists all the schools she taught at on Six Nations with the last one being SS #5. Many people have said that she was their teacher and from what I've heard from some of them, she was a wonderful teacher.
How did I get to look after them? I went to visit one day. They asked if I'd like to drive them to Toronto to visit their son, who is handicapped with epilepsy and a bit of other things. I did and I kept on doing that once a month and then I helped them move into the retirement home and with my sisters' help cleaned out their apartment. Then I kept helping them while they were in the retirement home - taking them to Toronto, on shopping trips, to appointments for dentists, hearing aids, hair dressers, shopping etc. Sometimes it was just an outing to go for a a ride and lunch somewhere. Then I was there helping the nurses when uncle Jesse was getting ready to leave and then from there helping auntie till she passed on.
Yes, it is time I took time to look after me and find out what I want to do and where I want to go.

The idea of the doll came to me as I was sitting with the embroidery group in early October, at their first meeting and the challenge for the year was to make a doll. I had been given a card with St. Kateri's picture on it and a bit of a write up about her. I enjoyed making her and I'm now trying to figure out how to make moccasins for her. I want the moccasins that I see in her photograph and I have to learn how to make those.
I also have a wooden cross that hung on Aunty's wall (below the loudest ticking clock I've ever heard) that I want to incorporate the cross into the doll "picture". In the photograph - the only known portrait of St Kateri as stated on the Wikipedia site - she is carrying a cross or holding one. This cross is made of Olive Wood, (aunty's name was Olive Ann) and she purchased it from a vendor who came to church to sell pieces of art from Jerusalem. This cross is about  six inches tall so it will be hard for the doll to hold in her hands. I'll keep looking for a smaller one - maybe only three inches and maybe of some other material. Or, I suppose I could try to make one eh?

I've now begun the process of finding out who I am. I have been a care taker for many years both in a good way and a not so good way, meaning that I've always been there to help others but in doing that I continually put me second. It is scary to think that I can put me first and I catch myself almost offering to do things when not even asked. My mom, who is 88 years old told me that it's time that I took care of me, looked after me now that my aunt and uncle are together on the other side. I'm looking forward to something new, a new adventure, new travels, new excitement and I must admit, it can be a bit scary. Have a good one.