Monday, July 23, 2012


I decided to write and whine. No, just kidding. I've been feeling under the weather so I haven't done much or felt like doing much. A low grade virus and you don't want to know all the symptoms.

On July 14th my grand-daughters mom and sisters had a baby shower for her. Her dad, my son Mike, is now remarried to a wonderful lady named Tuesday. I like my grand-daughter Lindsay's mom and I always get a warm greeting from her. Here is a picture of my beautiful daughter-in-law Tuesday with my great-grandson Quaid.

Lindsay's great grandmother Dee was a great friend to my mom. I went to school with their children and was best friends at one time with Lindsay's aunt Sherry who passed away from cancer a year or so ago.

This is a picture of four generations. My son Mike, myself, my grand-daughter Lindsay and my great-grandson Jayce. I think they said that Jayce is now two months old - nearly three months old. Quaid - the big brother is I believe almost 6.

My son Mike is the happiest grandpa. He has two grandsons and is looking forward to having them learn from him on the farm.  I think that this is a great picture of Mike and Jayce. I can't wait to see him running around with his brother Quaid and my grandson Eli who are only ten days apart. As long as we have children and grand-children we will never grow old.

This is my grand-daughter Lindsay with her mom Kelly opening the wonderful gifts. She is set for at least a week with clothes for Jayce, well  you know how fast babies grow.

The day was wonderful. I enjoyed visiting with old friends and especially visiting with family.

This low grade virus is enough to make me not want to do much. I'm still doing but not as much art. I've been looking at blogs trying to get inspired. I haven't figured out yet why I hesitate to get out my drawing and painting supplies. I keep wanting to draw, even to do Zentangles but I hesitate with that too. Maybe it is because I've spent so much time with fabric arts and beads I don't think it will be good enough to try and draw or paint again. But then I signed up for an on-line doll making course and didn't do that. So I don't know what it is - physical bleh I guess.

Oh well, I'll figure it out - one day. In the mean time I'll keep on going to visit auntie and working on two more afghans. I'm making one for my niece and her expected baby in December.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Well, not completely finished. I've been gathering materials and cutting out and stitching a quilt top for seven years. Today I took it to the lady down the road who does beautiful work with a long arm quilting machine. Like a few other people I know, I do not like the quilting part. I like making the picture with the fabric and if the piece is too big - it goes to the quilting lady. There is a lot more hand work to do when it comes back from the quilters but I won't think about that today.
It feels like a sauna here in South Western Ontario. The humidity makes it hard to breathe and I get sleepy. But because of the Fibromyalgia I don't like air-conditioning - I ache more than usual. It wasn't bad today as I was in and out of buildings blasting their freezing air and into and out of the blazing sun. Summer is wonderful and for me, much better than winter.
My sister gave me a couple of plastic storage towers - you know the ones with the drawers in them - so I cleaned and sorted after coming in from the warm weather walk. Not too far in this heat. I'll be up early tomorrow and finish the sorting and moving. There is more to do again but I'm feeling good about arranging things. There are no pictures, and if I stay at it the rooms will be done by tomorrow evening because it wasn't too long ago that I did a major cleaning and sorting.
Now all I need is someone to cook meals for me and I'd be all set.