Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Trip and the Pictures

Okay now we are going to try and upload pictures. See I'm including you in this post as if you were sitting right there beside me. Maybe if you were I wouldn't be having so much trouble.
I said in my last post that if I could upload picture of the trip that I took I would. But it seems that I can't. I still haven't figured this out - new program or new fingers not sure which is giving me more troubles.
I do however, have pictures that I took in the back yard - well in the yard there is a raised garden and this is what it looked like last week when I took pictures.
Out of no where there were some little people in my pictures. Well, actually I made this little guy about 4 or 5 years ago and he is called "The Leaf Gatherer" because he came out of the woods with a basket of leaves and leaves all around his hat. I just love him.

I made this other guy - he is much bigger. I hope he will let you see him. His name is "The Woodcutter" He's kind of shy though - guess he is worried about his size.

This is what he looks like when he isn't hiding
 And now I'll show the two of them together so you will understand his embarrassment.

Well, that is the raised garden although there are a couple of hams making sure that you see them instead of the beautiful flowers. Maybe next year you will get a glimpse of the flowers and then eventually the beautiful fall colours. Yes, that is spelled correctly according to Canadian spelling.

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  1. Oh, this little fellow is charming! How wonderful. Do you know Wil Huygen's Gnomes book? I grew up poring over every page of that... one of my favorites.