Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting Corn Stalks and Taking Pictures

My neighbour and friend down the hall named Diane decorates her apartment for every occasion. She is getting ready for Halloween and has all kinds of things from the Dollar Store to make apartment Halloweenish. Today she needed corn stalks.
Now we are talking apartment here. One bedroom apartment with the kitchen and living room combined. I don't think there is room for cornstalks but I agree to help her. She thought I should go and get the corn stalks but I agreed to take the pictures.
She also needs a person to keep watch so that she doesn't get caught. (One person my daughter told me about was charged with theft under $5,000)
She told me that she's never bought corn stalks and didn't think she needed to. The stalks didn't have any corn on them - probably because of the lack of rain all summer.
So here are the pictures. Starting with her at the edge of the cornfield.

Here she is hiding in the corn field and of course, laughing while I stand on the road with the camera taking pictures.

Hugging the cornstalks

 And of course stuffing them in the trunk and showing them in the trunk below.

 After the cornfields we went to the farm market to look for "stuff" and she took more pictures.

A fun afternoon.

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  1. Oh, this looks like a very fun fall time... with a fun hint of illicit activity about it, too. :)