Sunday, January 27, 2013

Almost Finished

Did I mention that I'm creating a doll that is representative of St. Kateri? I started this soft sculpture doll in late September. I've been working on her everyday and she is almost done. I have the shoes to make and to find a couple of crosses and she is finished. I don't want to post a picture just yet but soon.
I've been sewing while I sit with my auntie. The Dr at the Retirement Home put her into the hands of the palliative care team. She is still able to go to the dining room for meals - although they have to take her in a wheel chair and the amount of food is miniscule.
She goes back to her room and sits in the recliner with her feel up because they are swelling so bad and her abdomen and chest area has fluid as well.
I was very confused for a few days because of the "palliative care" term. What I mean is that I figured that is what happens when a person is ready to die and I guess she is because we've done lots of paper work and house cleaning but she is still alert, still eating, still getting up and with help, getting dressed everyday. They've explained that palliative care means she will have more help, she has a different Dr and because she has said no explorations, no surgeries, therefore no treatments they are to keep her comfortable. Changes have happened with her health and quite quickly but she is still with us.
Anyway, I'm not so confused about what's happening with her and I'm sitting with her and stitching, reading, and visiting whenever I can. Today I was there for forty five minutes while she slept. She woke and we visited briefly and asked me to do some shopping for her and when I returned I was able to show the aid where she keeps her clothes.
Now all I have to do is to keep myself on an even keel so I won't get into the emotional eating - which I can do and which can be the subject of another post.

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