Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Books

It was hard choosing the books for my little wheel. I have so many that I read and re-read. My favourite authors to date are Miriam Grace Monfredo, Jan Karon, Elliott Roosevelt, Monica Ferris, Earlene Fowler, and on and on. Miriam Grace Monfredo - I've had to buy used because the last books that I've found written by her are in the 1990's. Her books are wonderful mysteries - well researched - about the late 1800's in and around NY State. Elliott Roosevelt, again mysteries, are set in and around the White House with Eleanor Roosevelt as the smart cookie who solves the mysteries. Monica Ferris and Earlene Fowler are authors with needlework and quilting as the common denominator in the mysteries. The mysteries I've been reading are called "cozy mysteries" I've been told by a mystery writer who doesn't write like that and probably doesn't like to read them either.
Jan Karon books are about a little village and the people in it with the central character a Father Tim. It is known to many as the Mitford series. I read these books for the peace that I feel when reading them.
Of course I don't just read mysteries, although they are my favourites. I read what interests me - like helping people. If I was still in counselling I'd be recommending many books and maybe I'll make up a list again someday. At the top of my book list back when I was working in that field was the Louise Hay book called "Heal Your Body". It was wonderful for working with clients.
I also read books that I was introduced to in University - like the books by Vine Deloria Jr. Very simply and well written. There are many other Native Authors that I read and there is a website to find them on.
I don't like to read academic books. I write like I speak. My books that I've written don't have a lot of superfluous words in them.I also read books about art doll making, art, painting and nature like "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden. Beatrix Potter, E. Pauline Johnson and many other poets, are on my book shelves. Children's books and books on faeiries, gnomes and elves are the most collected. I have found and finally admitted that I collect children's books mainly for the illustrations. I cannot say right now who my favourite illustrator is because there are so many. I am going back to reading now, and maybe go and hunt out some new books in the second hand shops around. Have a great one...

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