Friday, December 7, 2012

Back from vacation

Sorry I haven't been writing.

I returned from Florida a week ago and have been up to my old tricks of doing too much and resting too little.

My friend Mary Lee picked me up at the airport in Tampa and we went to her place in St Petersburg until 4am on Tuesday morning when we drove to Pensacola to visit her sister and family. We both swore we were on vacation and we were not cooking. Of course that wasn't the case. She made pumpkin bread for her nephews and families when we got there.

I had a wonderful time in the sunny south except for getting the flu for a few days. I spent American Thanksgiving in bed and feeling a little green. I'm glad to say it was only for the one day. I was back up shopping and visiting with my friend and enjoying the Gulf of Mexico in the cold the very next day. Yes, it was cold. Maybe it was the left over flu but I was chilled and other people on the beach looked cold as well. I did see some sting rays jumping out of the gulf and different gulls and pelicans.

On Friday evening our hosts, Lynn and Kathi drove us to Gulf Shores Alabama to a place called Lulu's.
I was still feeling a little green so I played it safe and had a burger and some ginger ale. I didn't want to try the sea food or the collard greens. It was fun and I enjoyed the little side trip.

Saturday we cooked the Thanksgiving Dinner (we were not going to cook) and all Kathi's boys and wives and children came over. Mary Lee and Kathi's brother Tom came in from Burmingham Ala. and we had a great visit.

On Monday morning my friend Mary Lee and I left Pensacola at 4 am and went back to her place in St. Petersburg. We walked the dogs and enjoyed the sunshine and I even saw an alligator in a little lake behind the gym that her son Tommy runs. All in all a wonderful vacation and I'm going back again soon.

Have a great one

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