Sunday, December 16, 2012

Katie's Wand

A few weeks/months ago I posted pictures of a doll called Katie that I was asked to make. I only had the magic wand to finish. I think that the hardest part of making the wand was waiting until Katie told me what she wanted on the wand.
My friend Kathi Kuti, the doll maker I mentioned before, brought back little pebbles from the beaches of Australia and I used a few on the wand. I knew that I also wanted ribbons on the wand with bells on the end to match the bells on the toes of her shoes. My friend Deb found the bells for me in Toronto and I sewed them on the ends of the ribbons. Even tho they don't make a sound they look nice. Finally I found the star that I was looking for. There were no stars like I wanted in the Dollar stores but I did find a decoration in the Lens Mills store.  The Christmas decoration was of three stars and bells hooked together. I removed the smallest star and glued it to the top of the wand. Just what I'd been looking for. I put the star decoration - minus the smallest star - on the door of my neighbours apartment and pretended I didn't even know it existed. A little elf humour.

Finally the doll is finished and I can wrap her up and send her on her way. Too bad the picture is so dark.

Wishing you all the best of holidays and health, wealth and happiness for the new year. Have a good one


  1. Oh, it's perfect! And I adore your elf humor. :) Hope you're having a very happy holiday, Helen!

  2. Thank you and the best to you and yours for this holiday season.