Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good Morning

Good Morning all.
I'm just letting you know that I'm still here. I've finished the Saint Kateri doll except for her shoes/moccasins. I can't show you her yet because she is sitting on the dresser in my Auntie's room and she keeps looking at it and the tiny little orchid plant that my grand-daughter Lyla brought her. Those are the two things she focuses on before she drifts off to sleep in her chair. She is sleeping longer. The Dr. said she had a few days to a few weeks and so I'm just leaving the doll there. I sit with her everyday and I am working on some pieces to go on another wall-hanging. Hopefully it will be done before April.

The snow came and piled up in parking lots and roads and I plowed my way through. It was lovely and on a day when I didn't have to go to the nursing home I would have loved to just walk in it. But off I went and found it wasn't so bad - I've driven in worse or worser.

Okay I'm off now to get some groceries before I go and sit with Auntie. I will miss these days even though right now I get tired.

Hope you have a good one.