Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh I'm So Sorry I've Been Remiss

It is almost two months since I've posted. I've been busy traveling, writing, and trying to figure out what kind of art I want to do. Well, it's everything! I want to paint, sew, embroidery, create pictures and dolls. I finished the needle felting for the story book and the book has been printed. It is The Creation Story written in each of our Six Nations' languages as well as English. The image to the left is the Grandmother moon - before she was finished and sent by email to the author Rick Hill.
I would love to show more of the pictures but I have to see what the school has to say about it and I don't know when they will have an official launch of the book. This project was done for the language schools on the Six Nations.
Traveling. Did I mention that I was going to go to the writing retreat in Litchfiled Connecticut? I did and it was great. I had a wonderful time with the ladies and did a lot of writing. I loved driving in the Berkshires and into the Catskills on the way home.
Last week I took the train to Dorval Quebec and my friend Geraldine took me to her house for a visit. I really enjoyed the visit and meeting some of her family. On Friday she and I drove to a ferry dock at Port Kent (I think) past Plattsburg in NY State and took the ferry to Burlington VT. First time for me seeing and crossing Lake Champlain. We drove around after lunch and then drove back across the bridge at the tip of the lake. I had a great time seeing that part of the USA.
In a few weeks my sister and I are driving to Iowa to see our niece in Our Lady of Mississippi Abbey
where she is Sister Myra. We were unable to be there when she took her vows last year so we are looking forward to seeing her and where she lives. If you have a notion to check out the website and blog you will see Sr Myra wearing the apron.
On the trip I'm also going to explore places for wool felt. I like working with wool felt and it is difficult to find here - well, at least I haven't found it yet. The Fall 2013 Creative Festival in Toronto will be the weekend before Halloween and I will be in Florida helping my friend get ready for the people coming around for trick or treat. I'm told there are hundreds of people that get dressed up and go around to the houses. I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully I will get pictures. Speaking of pictures - the ones from the trip are on the i pad and on the cell phone and I don't know how to get those to this blog. Till later, have a great one.