Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I don't like this new blogger update look or whatever it is called. I just finished writing a new post and sent it to publish then when I went to look at it from my blog - IT Was GONE. uggggghhhhhhh.

So here is the picture I posted in the other one of me making a bracelet for my friend Marian who brought me back gifts from China and Tibet. This is a blue and green frosted bracelet in the flat spiral stitch.She loved it and her gift to me was made of five coloured chords woven with pits of some kind that were carved into dragons. Maybe I'll take a picture of it and post next time.

The other picture is of beaded pieces I'd started before I went to Kathi Kuti's for the little doll club that I mentioned last post. The top bracelet in the photo is finished - it is olive green size 11 seeds and and a peach coloured size 8. The other two are made with bugle beads and seeds. The middle piece is using silver lined bugles and the other one is using a bronze type bulge but it has colours of gold green and coral mixed into the bronze so I used those colour seeds with it.

I think the other post was better but it's gone now so - that's it for today. have a good one.

Show and Tell

While visiting with Kathi Kuti and the other ladies from out little club I brought show and tell - some beaded pieces that I was turning into bracelets and a necklace. Our little group was supposed to be doing some painting in preparation for an art piece to be completed the next month but our "teacher" Marianne was unable to make it that day. I put teacher in quotation marks because we are all teachers, no matter where we go and whom we speak with. Some of our greatest teachers are the little children.
Kathi was working on her owls as I mentioned last post and others were doing their little thing. I worked on a bracelet for my friend who was coming back from a trip to China and Tibet. As you can see, my cup of tea was almost finished and I was busy, busy busy. The bracelet was a hit. Marian brought me a couple of things. One was a little box like item on a cord that is supposed to be worn around the neck and has a mandala inside - she said. I cannot take it apart to see because then it will be wrecked. The other piece was a weaving with five coloured chords around some dragons carved from pits of some kind. I thought at first they may be peach pits but because I'm unfamiliar with what grows there I cannot say if it is or not.
The other picture that I have to show is the beaded pieces in progress. The top piece if made of olive green s

size 11 seeds and a peach coloured size 8. The next one doesn't show up well, it is made of silver lined bugles and pastel colured seed beads. The bottom one is a mixture of bronze, gold and green seeds with a bugle that is also a mixture of those colours. It is hard to explain but quite beautiful.
So that is it for today. I'm sorting and arranging beads again because I couldn't work on my messy table. The beads are in tubes and small packages and they all seem to want to be part of the next project. They jump up on the table and play with each other while I sort and figure out whose next. They just don't jump back into their boxes and lay quiet while I work. They all seem to want to sit there and watch till I get tired of not being able to find something and I have to put them back in their boxes. A little cooperation would be helpful eh?
Have a good one

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Gift

My friend Kathi Kuti who makes wonderful miniatures gave me two dolls last month and I forgot them at her place. She is so busy making that she hasn't updated her website but if you go there you will get an idea of her talent just by her opening home page.Yesterday we had our "doll club" which should actually be called an art club because we make all kinds of things and try all kinds of projects. Kathi was making the little tufts of feathers for her miniature pull toy duckies that are about the size of a quarter I think. I was making a beaded bracelet and showed them two beaded necklaces that I'm working on. Deb was making a stuffed owl out of a piece of old quilt that was her husband's grandmothers. Joan was working on a little owl from Kathi's pattern and Marion was knitting a lovely ruffled scarf. A few of the other members/friends were missing. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun visiting (which is what we do most) and working/playing.
The two dolls that Kathi gave me obviously don't measure up to her dolls in that they are huge compared to her size and they are porcelain. I love them and will keep them for my grand-daughter. One doll is in a high chair and the other doll is standing on a shelf by my other dolls and collectables. They are both very beautiful and my grand-daughter will love them - eventually. She is only 3 and wants to put every doll she has in the tub with her so they are not going to her house yet.
Next to this doll is the second gnome I made and a tree sprite made from an actual tree branch. See what I mean about not just dolls? Kathi had these tree branches and a bunch of "stuff" that she'd collected including the seed pods from a bush in her back yard. They are the top of the sprite's head - hair. The eyes are a pair of earrings and the ears are also earrings. The lips are a piece of "stuff" from a potpori collection that Kathi had. We make dolls and figures and yesterday if Marianne had been able to come we would have been painting on paper to make a torn picture - I have no idea - and will just have to send a photo when we get it done. I guess we also have to have an idea for a pattern - like a stained glass pattern. We'll see. Marianne Reitsma made dolls for years and has taken a break and is now making some wonderful Cakes - as in cake decorating. She made the un-birthday cake for our groups collective Un-Birthday and she made it gluten free for me. How wonderful is that eh?  Well that is all for now. Off to the bead shop - like I need more stash eh? Have a good one.