Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Good morning. I'm moving to a larger place in the country. I'm moving this month - have to be out of here by the first of September. I'm tired but there are things to share.
Correction on the post before when I spoke of the piece of bead work by Caroline Parker and I didn't know if it was a table cloth or shawl. Well, it is a table cloth. I lunched with Deborah Holler from SUNY Empire State college and she, being an expert I would say on Caroline Parker told me it is a table cloth.
I took a trip to Italy in May with the Brant Broderers and I was in Massachusetts in July for a writing retreat. I just came back from Kanawake Reserve in Quebec where I spent a wonderful week with my friend and her family.
Now I'm off to get some advice on some beading I'm doing. I will post more after I've finished moving and I promise to show the pictures of the Caroline Parker doll I just finished. hugs, h

Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy, busy, busy.

The last time I posted on the blog was September showing you my quilt. I apologize for not writing sooner.
I went to Florida to visit my friend in October so that I could spend Halloween with her and her family and friends. I was exhausted after that adventure. She lives in a part of Florida where they really celebrate Halloween. Nearly every house is decorated in the six block radius or even bigger radius. They have huge decorations and ghosts and things hanging amongst the old moss on their trees. There are lights, and music and scenes from a ghost dinner party and more Lawns are littered with grave stones and bones. Now it may seem weird for me to write and describe Halloween just after we celebrated Valentines Day but let me explain.
I got sick when I was there. I'm not sure if it was the seafood or if it was me eating wheat (I'm wheat intolerant) or if it was exhaustion or a combination of all of it. I returned in November and spent the better part of the next six weeks feeling yukky. We move into Christmas. That is another season all on its own and me not feeling good.
So we get through Christmas and then my brother-in-law got very very ill. He passed away a few weeks back. His brother died this past Friday - Valentines Day. Busy, busy, busy.
In among all the illness, and funerals I've been writing a bit and just last week started to learn Calligraphy. As if I didn't have enough to do with the fabric art and writing I want to do Calligraphy on card with my watercolours. Now I don't know where all this going but somehow it will work out.
I'm just letting you know that I haven't fallen asleep or left for Bora Bora - although I did hear that is a beautiful place - I've just been busy busy busy.
I have no pictures for this post, but when I finish the little experiment on birds I will show them to you.
Have a great one,