Friday, June 24, 2011

Spirit Dolls

I have been making more of the Spirit Dolls. Those are the little dolls I showed last post. They are not easy to make and they are time consuming but they are fun. It is nice to follow the spirit in decorating and placing things on their clothes to make them sparkle. I've also been hunting for wool felt. I want to make the illustrations for one of our traditional stories and I want to try a different medium. The illustrations for the last book were done in wool roving.
I received a broach from my friends who attend the Waldorf School in Burlington, Ontario. The broach is made from wool felt and beads and it is just what I was thinking of doing on one of my dolls. I couldn't seem to find a wool felt source here in the Brantford/Hamilton area and then when I received the broach I thought - ahha, Waldorf school. Okay back to the work and back to the searching for wool felt. I'll post a picture of the broach soon and maybe even a doll. Have a great one.

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