Monday, June 6, 2011


I took auntie to church yesterday. Saw many old friends and a relative or two. We went to lunch with my cousin and his wife and had a lovely visit. On the way to the retirement home where she lives Auntie says "I find that I get tired a little faster than before and can't do as much. I'll probably take a nap when I get back home." All this said to my questioning whether she wanted to go the Mohawk Chapel at 7 pm for the re dedication. Mind you, I could understand that because she is 93. I'm so amazed and really want to be as bright and mobile and active when I am 93. 

Last week I made a pin doll and finally named her Rainbow. I got so caught up with her I made three more and now have bodies cut out for at least 7 more. I'm afraid I don't have pictures right now but will post them when I get them. My friend Marzie took the pictures when I showed them at the bead shop. 4 Sirius Beaders is a place I like to go and hang out for an hour or so when they are open and buy supplies and show my work. They were open this past Saturday and while there I got some feedback on my work - all good.

 I am off today to Niagara Falls, NY with my friend Diane to help her at a conference. I am also taking my pin dolls and some of my other work to see if they will sell. It is interesting to me that historically Niagara Falls was the place you would see the other Native Americans/Indians/First Nations people sitting on blankets selling their raised bead work. Today you seldom see that. The bead work is still being done but it is now sold in other places and for much more money than was paid back even thirty or forty years ago. Yes, I'm talking a long time ago the Tuscarora and other nations were selling their raised bead bead work at Niagara Falls. There are many links to the Iroquois Raised Bead Work I'm talking about and this is just one. No, I don't do that kind of work "yet" but I will try some day. I'm more into the pin dolls, art dolls, and the wall hangings for now. And, of course, the children's book illustrating. 
Have a good one.

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