Monday, July 4, 2011

A New Anthology

A new anthology is coming out in late summer early fall called Somebody's Child and it is about adoption. I have a story in that anthology about my giving my son up for adoption. It was a painful time but the story is written from a more healed perspective because Mike and I reunited when he was 30 and that is all that I will say about that. It is a good book full of stories from children who were adopted out.

I finished making the cape for the Turquoise Woman Doll. Here she is and compared to Butterfly Woman she is light and airy with movement showing in her cape or shawl. Butterfly Woman was made months ago. She represents an older woman - standing and watching the children dancing. She has been to a few shows and to the conference that I went to in Niagara Falls but she hasn't sold. I guess she wanted to stay around and wait for Turquoise Woman. I really enjoy making these stump dolls but now I'm going to make something different - and I'm also exploring ideas of another children's book. I'm not sure if there will be another stump doll but I am considering it - maybe a different version. If you look to the side of the blog you will see pictures of my art. When you watch the carousel you will see two birds - those are also made in the stump doll style. I may make a few more of those. We shall see what comes up because there are so many ideas running around in my head. Back to work - till next time.

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