Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Artists works

I must learn not to use the back button when I'm writing my blog. I've done this beginning three times now. Okay now we are starting again.
This past month I visited with Kathi Kuti and together with another lady we learned how to make a teeny tiny pot of violets although my pot of violets looked like they'd been through a terrible wind and rain storm. I gave them to my aunt who is in the retirement home and the one I go and visit all the time. I took a picture of the mouse smelling the flowers beside her coffee cup.

This past Thursday I visited another artist Steve Smith who is a famous potter. His website Talking Earth Pottery shows the fantastic work that he does. I was feeling quite blah about my art and he lifted my spirits and encouraged me. So I got back at it. I made a doll pin, but she has no name. Maybe Rainbow would be a good name. I'm afraid my photography needs practice. So now what? More pin dolls and some business cards.

I spend most of my time when I get down in the dumps searching art blogs and embroidery blogs. One blog that I spend a lot of time on is Salley Mavor and I may have mentioned her before. I made a quilt years ago and put some dolls on the quilt. I didn't know how to do that but I just did it. It turned out pretty good and I think it is in the slide show of my art. There were seven dolls on it. Turns out that those dolls are almost made like the dolls that Salley Mavor makes. I'm excited about that because I so admire her work and found out that even though we live miles apart we do similar work. The art piece I showed you a couple of posts back had tons of french knots on it, and so does her art piece on one of her posts. Do I sound like a star struck kid? Alright!!

Okay enough of the idolization. I'm going back to my dolls now and even though it is almost 90 degrees out side I'm making chicken soup. Wasn't feeling all that great yesterday and today so I'm going to see if that will help. Nothing serious, just a bit of blah!! Have a great one.

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  1. Helen

    Years and years ago, when I first met you, you gifted me with two wonderful dolls you had made. I still have them and keep them in my writing/creativity/ancestor room.

    You are truly a very very creative person!
    Keep up the good work!!!!