Friday, July 22, 2011

Writings and Websites

Yesterday evening when I checked my mail I found a copy of "Talking Stick -Native Arts Quarterly" with a story written by me over ten years ago. The story is even on-line - if you go to this website and then click on the Talking Stick issue Volume 14.3 you will find my picture and the link to This Time It Will be Different.
I really enjoyed writing that story. While living in Penticton, BC I walked most of the time but once in a while I'd ride the bus to the other part of town for shopping and different people on the streets sparked my imagination. I started writing up character descriptions and drafting some stories. Lately I'd been thinking of that story and when Mary Jo asked if I had anything to submit I found it in my files and polished it up. I'm now more encouraged to get back to my writing and one story in particular is calling to me. 
I haven't heard any more about the book that I just finished illustrating. I'm like a new writer in that I sent the book to the publisher yesterday and I want the acceptance letter tomorrow. I know it doesn't work that way. It is just that I am also now planning the illustrations for another story and I'm quite excited about it. My friend Marky sent me a story - an Iroquois story that her mother wrote down or handed down and Marky and I talked about me doing some illustrations for it. It means putting aside the little spirit dolls for a bit and concentrating on the illustrations. This time I may give you sneak peaks.
In the mean time check out the story in Talking Stick on-line and let me know what you think.

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