Sunday, August 7, 2011

My art

I started writing this morning and then hit the back button by mistake so everything disappeared again. I was whining and complaining about not liking to down load pictures from my camera because I don't know how, and that is why there are very few pictures and very few blog posts.
I decided to write about my art and to share with you that even though I've been making my little spirit dolls I haven't taken many pictures of them. I do have however, pictures of some of my previous dolls. Here is the front and back of a doll taught to me by Deborah Downey about 4 years ago. Miraculously I still have it and I say miraculously because they are usually given away and just lately some have been sold. 

This is the front side to the left and the rear of the doll is to the right. 

The doll body was made by Deb and then we decorated it according to her suggestions and yet the doll is mine because I put into it my creativity and my choice of colours and beads. I've thought of making another but right now I'm having fun making the spirit dolls even though they haven't sat still long enough to have their pictures taken.

I also wanted to show you some of the dolls that were sold at the Native American Indian Women's conference at the end of June but I either didn't take them or haven't downloaded them from the camera. Seems that this is where I came in so I will sign off and look for pictures. Have a good one.

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