Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lovely Day

Well, the day started off ordinarily then I had the extreme pleasure of having breakfast with my cousin at Williams Pub and Eatery or whatever it is called. Good Coffee. As I was returning with my coffee I passed a lady sitting at her table looking at some interesting books. I stopped to talk and we introduced ourselves because she said she was a calligrapher and it turns out that it is a lady I had talked to by email. Her name is Heather Held and her  blog is one I follow at  "Heather Victoria Held" and enjoy very much. The trouble is that when I go to her site I get lost for hours. I didn't stay and visit because she was working but it happened we left the coffee pub at the same time and I told her I'd be writing about meeting her.

I went to an organic store yesterday outside a little town called Ayr, Ontario. This place, called Oakridge Acres, is a wonderful little store where the food is all healthy with no additives and preservatives. I have been looking for organic produce and grain fed cattle. There are other products there but for this first time shopper I took my time and bought just a few things. I definitely will go back.
Off now to have lunch and then do some writing and maybe get back to those little dolls for the planned book illustration and wall-hangings. Have a good one.


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