Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Show

I was gifted yesterday with a chance to see Cirque Du Soleil "Totem" performance. What a wonderful show. Mary received tickets for this show as a Christmas gift but her daughter was unable to attend with her and so she asked me. I drove to Toronto and that in itself was an adventure. I normally drive to Toronto once a month anyway so I thought - no problem. Well, just following directions from the internet was going to be a cinch right? Not! Just after we turned onto the 427 South the traffic started to back up/slow down/stoppppp!. I listened to my favourite all news station for travel to get the traffic news and decided to get off on Dundas St. knowing that I could then drive back into Toronto to avoid the Parking Lot on Four Twenty Seven which normally would be moving smoothly. Of course all of the other drivers had the same idea so there I was in another grid-lock for about 15 minutes while I tried not to panic about being late for the show. Dundas St. was busy but I then moved into the lane to take Kipling over to the Gardner Expressway which is where I was supposed to be anyway. What an adventure. I think the driving and maneuvering in the traffic was an adventure for Mary as well because she'd never been in that traffic situation on Toronto highways from my understanding. So all in all it was a fun day. A beautiful sunset greeted us on the way home and I did manage to make - I don't see well driving in the dark!!!
Here is the link for the Cirque Du Soleil if you want to see some of the promo pictures. It was great!!!

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