Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving was and probably always will be my favourite holiday. I used to live in New York State and have fond memories of thanksgiving dinners with family and friends. Last year I was invited to have dinner with my friend Chandra and her family at her mom's. This year my friend Sue had invited me to go to Michigan with her to her family's dinner but then she got invited to speak at the University in New Zealand so Michigan was out.
This year instead of going to visit family or friends in the good ole USA for thanksgiving dinner I finished cleaning the studio space and started on the spirit dolls. This picture above is the shelving unit where I've removed the mess and organized the things I use most in my art doll making. I've removed the paint and drawing materials and have yet to set up that space. The picture to the right is the table I use and even though there are beads on this table it is nothing like it was.
Instead of going to Black Friday sales (which I've never done and will continue to never do) I helped my friend Joan do more packing of her studio for her big move and no I didn't take a picture of that - she'd never forgive me.
Next task is the make a space for the Zentangles I love to do and the drawing and painting I've been yearning to do.
Have a great one.

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  1. Oh, I am always so drawn to images of other artists' studios! Love these peeks into your world. I'll look forward to seeing your spirit dolls in progress. Reminding me of an garden-goddess art doll I made many years ago... she got a bit broken during our last move and has been collecting dust in the basement, sadly. Maybe I'll see if I can dust her off a bit and make her presentable, just to share a photo or two with you. (Somewhere, I have a few prints from photos I took years ago after I made her... somewhere at the bottom of some shoebox in this house!)

    I'm with you on avoiding Black Friday. Much better to stay home eating leftover turkey and pie, says I. :)