Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm not finished yet

I did clean and rearrange my art space and while doing that I discovered that I'm not finished yet. Lying in bed at 5:30 this morning - just before getting up to start the day - I thought through my list of interests and things that I have supplies or needs or wants for. Besides my painting and drawing, which includes the Zentangles that I'm sadly neglecting, I have "stuff" for ATC's and or art journals and other art pieces in mixed media, I have materials, beads and baubles for art dolls and quilted wall hangings. I have photographs that need to be scanned so that someone - not me - can make scrapbooks for family members, and I have all the paperwork for genealogy.
I was feeling overwhelmed so I started to clean the kitchen table and realized that I need to send the information to the librarian for the upcoming conference in February that I will attend because I am a library trustee. I really enjoy being a library trustee but it does get frustrating. I was told by the chairman in an email the other day that I sounded cranky, after reading a response of mine. He added "rightly so" and that I guess was to say he understood my crankyness over politics.
So what am I saying? Just that all the above means that I am scattered to the wind in case you are wondering.
I don't know how to not do all those things so sometimes I just get depressed and sit and read a book or go away. Today is not one of those days tho because today is mom's 87th birthday so I am taking her to lunch and to buy her the ingredients for the Christmas Cake. I told her that I didn't think I needed to buy any more Christmas decorations for her. We could start a store.
I love going to her house and seeing all the "stuff" she has to put out. It breaks my heart that she can't decorate the way she used to because of her frailty, and we don't need any more broken bones, so we go and decorate for her. Usually the four sisters and maybe a grand-daughter or two. She tells us what to put where. After we are done, she goes and re-arranges things and we just giggle when we come back to her place and see things have been moved.
So, no pictures of the finished room sections. Just a bit of an update. have a great one

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  1. If you promise not to be overwhelmed and to do your best to dive into your reorganization with cheerfulness and good spirits, I'll do that same. :) I'm right there with you today! Too many projects, too much stuff... and never enough space or time. Hang in there!