Friday, November 4, 2011


Just a quick note to let you know the reading was a success - as far as I am concerned. The book, in case you've forgotten is titled "somebody's child". I did cry, but not buckets. The hardest part of the reading is the part of being in the hospital and getting to hold my son for that full week of six or seven days knowing full well that he could not go home with me. I cried buckets there in the hospital and I cry whenever I read that. I also cried buckets at the Children's Aid Society where I had to sign papers a month later to let him go. I got to hold him one more time and then let him go to another family.

The reading at the university was with another mom who also gave her son away. It was on a lighter note and by that I mean it was her decision to give her son away to another mom. She too reunited with her son, because she had known the mom who adopted him. That lady had her mom with her. My friend, another artist in the community came to hear me read. The audience was made up mostly of journalism students and of course there was a lot of questions both during the talk and then after.

I am used to doing readings whenever asked at the publication of a new book and I must say that they are all different. This was an emotional reading for me and a few of the audience members. I did get them to laugh a bit though when I prefaced the talk by saying - This is my story, it is the truth as I remember it and I have a philosophy - if I tell my story and I tell my truth then there is no room for blackmail. Have a good one

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  1. Oh, Barbara--my heart goes out to you. I can't imagine how difficult that had to have been, especially after having a week with your infant son. I'm so sorry.