Monday, January 30, 2012

It Felt Like a Million Pictures

Good morning. I finished the pictures after the books and everything else
was cleaned out. I told my children that if anything happens to me they won't have a terrible time with unloading because I've gotten rid of the un-neccesary clutter. When I say that I mean that for today I have the clutter that I need. Because I'm down to doll making, fabric art, and beading the shelf space got smaller. I still have the poster on the board to remind me that I am supposed to be writing and making art and a few dolls that were gifts. All the other dolls are gone. My little pile of to-do stuff sits in the bright light under the lamp and the pile of supplies for going away to work is on the right of the table.

I've rearranged the book cases to hold my paint supplies and created a little space for writing and painting on one side of the table and sitting reading and crocheting a baby blanket for the new great-grandson coming in May on the other side of the table.

The other side of the table shown in the next picture has a group of small shelves that hold the paint and colored pencils as well as pictures of family. These shelves also hold the different papers and other "stuff". I can't just decide what I want to be when I grow up.

 Above the shelves you can see the collection of little chairs/doll chairs that I have. There are more on the inspiration wall and more behind the writing chair on the board that holds the cards and ATC's that I've received. There are dolls sitting on the little chairs that I have collected and they are mixed in with the books on the shelves by the window. Lots of inspiration.

 The inspiration wall is across from the beading and workspace. It has the TV below which is usually turned to the music channel with the nature sounds or to the Baroque music channel. Beside the other poster I made is a poster from Salley Mavor that I ordered after she made the cover of The Horn Book Magazine. I have been an admirer of her work for years and finally have a few of her books and follow her Blog.

My computer is in my bedroom at the foot of the bed.  And you will notice that there is bright light coming from a sliding glass door to the right that doesn't open. I was fortunate enough to get the apartment that looks out on the little garden with lots of trees. On the computer screen you will see the name of the blog I follow all the time as well it is The Frabjous Versipel. She has wonderful postings of work she does, family, recipes and in my imagination she lives in a little hamlet in the mountains (which is what I'd like to do but that is for another post) and is surrounded by tons of other crafty people.

Besides getting rid of things in the apartment the storage room was cleaned as well. There is no use showing a picture of that because I didn't show the mess it was in before. Pictures were scanned for my daughter that have been sitting under the bed waiting in an old suitcase from her figure skating days. Pictures were scanned of family members and more to be scanned. I dumped a ton of pictures - no one needs four rolls of film of the Statue of Liberty and megga rolls of scenery of the mountains of British Columbia and the south west.
I feel like there is room to breathe - not from the decluttering but from the tremendous pressure I felt to get things done. Besides making art and writing the only thing that calls to me is the family tree I started a few years ago. So that is it. Finished de-cluttering and sorting and putting away. It may not look like it but it is done - for now.

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  1. Oh, everything looks so cozy! Wonderful. What a lovely space to sit and dream and create in. I adore your chair!

    And thank you so much for the lovely, lovely mention. It's been such a pleasure to find you and get to know you... a kindred spirit, certainly. :)