Sunday, January 22, 2012


Good Morning
A quick update on the de-cluttering process. I'm almost finished. It has taken a long time because I've been sorting through books and papers. There were a lot of things to go into binders - a portfolio of sorts. One day when I'm old I can sit at the kitchen table and sort through the binders and re-organize. This time I just separated patterns I want to keep from memories and certificates etc.

Today I am sorting through materials/fabrics and getting rid of what I will not use. As I've been sorting and de-cluttering I've been contemplating what it is that I want to do when I grow up. I go through that periodically. I did when I graduated university in 2000 and then when I turned sixty and now this year my brother will turn sixty five and I'm a year older than him. I'm not going to collect pieces to use in mixed media art like paper and such so that has gone to a friend who likes to do that. My mixed media will be with fabric and beads. So with that in mind I really de-cluttered and now back to the material.

The last cleaning will be the photographs. They will have to be sorted and given away after they are scanned into the computer. I have eight siblings and as many cousins or more so they (photos) can find a good home. I'll be back

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  1. Oh, it must feel lovely to get everything squared away! I have dreams of organizing. After my supply run to the arts and crafts shop yesterday, I had to settle for "dumping everything into a box" and pretending it was organized. ;)