Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Good morning. I'm moving to a larger place in the country. I'm moving this month - have to be out of here by the first of September. I'm tired but there are things to share.
Correction on the post before when I spoke of the piece of bead work by Caroline Parker and I didn't know if it was a table cloth or shawl. Well, it is a table cloth. I lunched with Deborah Holler from SUNY Empire State college and she, being an expert I would say on Caroline Parker told me it is a table cloth.
I took a trip to Italy in May with the Brant Broderers and I was in Massachusetts in July for a writing retreat. I just came back from Kanawake Reserve in Quebec where I spent a wonderful week with my friend and her family.
Now I'm off to get some advice on some beading I'm doing. I will post more after I've finished moving and I promise to show the pictures of the Caroline Parker doll I just finished. hugs, h

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