Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Day New Work

This is the third day of cleaning my "studio space". It is actually a little corner in what is supposed to be the living room of my small one bedroom apartment. I like this place and I like the little space. If I had a real studio it probably wouldn't be any cleaner than this one and it would have more "supplies". I am an artist and author but I am a collector as well. When the room is cleaner I'll post a picture of my collections and the "studio space".

I've also "discovered" some unfinished pieces. This is a picture of a piece I started over seven years ago inspired by a birthday card that my mom gave me. Yes, of course it needs ironing but it is not finished by any means. Look at the background - it is done with french knots. Not the smartest idea but at the time that I started this I was laid low with a chronic illness and maybe I wasn't thinking clearly or I just enjoyed sitting and knotting. The handwork is soothing for me. So that's a picture of piece of needle work that I carry with me and work on while I wait in Dr.'s offices or hair salons or ...

Back to the cleaning and then off to the second hand store to see what is dying to come home with me. have a great one.

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