Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Learning?

I get frustrated and it is no longer fun to blog when things don't work. I spent half a day Wednesday trying to get a widget to work from to show my favourite books. It didn't carousel like I wanted but was just a static piece showing those favourites. Well, now it is a carousel showing only some of my favourite books - since there are probably hundred's that could be labeled 'my favourite' books. This time this editing only took a half hour or so. I'm getting better at the technology for this anyway.

I was at a spiritual conference in Olean, NY - St Bonaventure on Saturday. My friend Diane Hill, with whom I traveled, was a plenary speaker and put together a piece for the audience incorporating her knowledge of quantum science, and Native or traditional Native science. She also incorporated the Wel-systems information into this presentation. It was amazing to see the universe, the human body, and the traditional stories linked together in a one hour presentation.

While I was away for those few days I met a few old friends and made friends with some new people. I was encouraged again to get writing and to get my books out there. For the past few years I've dabbled in writing by submitting to anthologies such as Birthed from Scorched Hearts and Genocide of the Mind and published a poetry book but I haven't written a novel or another book like Shaking the Rattle  Healing the Trauma of Colonization which was published in 1996. People are saying it is time for another and also they are telling me that the first book is still relevant and is still needed. All I can say is I'm working on it. Like my favourite fabric/felt artist Salley Mavor my work can take weeks and sometimes months to complete and I have been spending time on that rather than writing. I guess it is time to attempt both.

I'm attending another conference in a few weeks with Diane and bringing my art work to sell. I am sure that there will be people there that will ask if I have books for sale as well. Yes, I will bring books as well. Since I have chosen not to have a laptop computer right now, I will be writing but it will be by hand which is where quite a bit of information comes from - connection from the heart and the spirit to the hand.

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