Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Okay I just finished writing a blog where I spoke of how I had writing tools that helped me through my depression around the chronic illness that I got while in University and I hit the wrong button and it allllllll went away. I guess I feel like a ditz - well maybe I am right now.

So, to start over again I will say that I finished school at the En'owkin and the book "Shaking the Rattle  Healing the Trauma of Colonization" was published in 1996 by Theytus Books Ltd. I detoured to SUNY Buffalo to get my Masters in American Studies where I became friends with students and faculty and even guest lectured in a few classes. While at the En'owkin Centre I moved from being a counsellor and Treatment Director to become a writer and an artist.

Before going back to school I wrote morning pages from the Artists Way because deep down inside I knew I wanted to be a writer and an artist but I didn't know how to get there. After I finished my MA, a few years lapsed where I was chronically ill. I slowly came back to life with lots of rest, sunshine and fresh air and friends. I moved back into my own house after six months lying on mom's couch being depressed because she was healthier and stronger than I was and twenty years older than me.

My friend Martha invited me to drive with her to Massachusetts where I went to visit my friend Donna who introduced me to PWriting or Proprioceptive writing. This was a miracle for me and I thank these people in my life so much. The Pwriting helped me to get out of the depression and that helped alleviate the symptoms of the illness. I've learned so much and am so grateful. Depression comes with information telling you that you have a chronic illness, or you have lost your job, or you have lost a loved one, or you are suddenly getting a divorce that you didn't see coming - any kind of trauma can cause depression and depression can cause physical illness.

The writing led me to the art and more writing. The art work for me is mostly fabric art and art dolls. The writing has been put aside for a while so that I could actively pursue the art career. Now I feel the writing starting to nudge me. So, I'm going to start a blog or a page on this blog about writing. I have no idea what it will look like but as my favourite teacher says "time she marches on and more will be revealed." We will see...

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