Friday, March 30, 2012


New information? New awareness? I know that I will have a new radiator in a few hours.
The ankle I sprained a week and a half ago feels much better with the ankle brace and I assume it is healing. I brought my van to the garage my son-in-law works at, they are very nice and very helpful. They tested it this morning and I'm back  this  afternoon for a new rad. They have let me sit in the office and they even set me up on the computer so I can write and fill you in on what's happening.
I've been working on the genealogy for our family and while entering the data on dad's sisters and brothers I entered aunties birthday and found out that she isn't 93 after all. She is 94. I enjoy every minute with her and she has been helping me with the information on the Masters side of the family - gramma's maiden name. She hasn't been feeling well as I mentioned before and yesterday after her abdominal scan she said, "maybe I'm just tired of living" and I put on a brave face.
Today when I went to the retirement home she having coffee with the ladies as they waited for their goodies to bake. She's up and down and she did mention that she would se how things go this weekend. It is our monthly trip into Toronto to visit her son, who is slighly handicapped, and to visit her sister who is younger than her - I believe she is about 85.
So I'm being  realistic but wishing for more time. She will let me know if there will be anymore trips to Toronto and how she  is  feeling.
Oh, and I picked up my airline tickets for my trip to Florida in three weeks if all  goes well.
Since I brought my sewing for the story book illustrations I better get started. Pictures coming later.

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  1. We're having some work done on our car this week as well. Not much of a synchronicity as far as they go, I suppose--doesn't it feel like we're ALWAYS having work done on the car?--but there we have it. :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying your time with your auntie. What a wonderful long life--she must have wild stories of everything she's seen and how life has changed over the course of nearly a century. I would love to hear some of her tales!